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Amari Kai Companies
The Team

Eddie L. Cason, Founder, Amari Kai

Dwayne Nelson, Esq, Co-Founder Amari Kai Research

Columbus Pressley, EVP Business Development, Amari Kai Technology

Vekisha Haynes, Executive Chef, Hush 86

About Us

Amari Kai Wealth Group (AKWG) was formed as a diversified financial wealth company. The purpose of the company is to facilitate the acquisition of existing companies and provide additional capital to continue and increase the volume and the profitability of the acquired companies.

,p>The overall business model created by establishing and funding this wealth company effectively creates a complete business solution platform of unlimited marketing opportunities. This platform combines certain natural relationship marketing synergies and enables the combined companies to provide a wide variety of complete service and product solutions at cost savings to the client.